70 Amherst

70 Amherst

Located on the east side of campus, 70 Amherst is mostly comprised of furnished single bedrooms with shared kitchens and community bathrooms, as well as some unfurnished one bedroom apartments for couples. It features a well-equipped gym, piano room, and courtyard with heaters.

Recommended for individuals and couples

Why You'll Love It

  • Fitness

    Two workout rooms with weight training, cardio and yoga equipment

  • Community

    Large community space for hosting events and casual gatherings

  • Piano

    Reservable piano room with upright and baby grand pianos


This community has a Renewable License for MIT graduate students and Non-Renewable License for visitors, affiliates, postdocs, cross-registered students.

Unit Type





Unit Plan

Furnished bedroom for one resident, with shared kitchen and bathroom on hallway.

QTY: 119

Furnished bedroom for one resident, with shared kitchen and bathroom on hallway.

QTY: 9

Private, unfurnished apartment for a couple** with a bathroom, living room, and kitchen.

QTY: 5

Not all listed units or unit types are available.
* Utilities are included in your monthly rent. The residence assesses an additional $5 monthly house tax to pay for community activities.
** Couples must submit proof of family documentation before you move in.

Kitchen with center island and seating
  • Bedrooms in single rooms are furnished with an extra-long twin bed & mattress, wardrobe, bookcase, desk and desk chair.

  • Shared Kitchens on each floor with lockable cabinets, stove, refrigerator, and microwave.

  • Community Bathrooms include multiple private bathroom units with a shower, toilet, and sink on each floor, with a ratio of 4.3 residents to each toilet.

About the Community

The residence at 70 Amherst served as the Institute’s first dormitory. It is situated adjacent to the residence of the President of MIT and features neo-classic architectural details reflecting the original buildings on the Institute’s Cambridge campus. The residence has multiple social events to welcome new and returning graduate students alike, with a cozy atmosphere fostered by the residence’s primarily single-bedroom layout.

70 Amherst Community Website
A pool table with seating in the background A fitness room with treadmill and weightlifting equipment
  • Large Study room with seating, desks, and chalkboard

  • Reservable video conference room

  • Laundry room with washers & dryers

70 Amherst

Building E2
70 Amherst Street
Cambridge, MA 02142
70 Amherst Community Website

Renewal Policy

MIT Graduate Students: Renewable License
Visitors, Affiliates, Postdocs, Cross-Registered Students: Non-Renewable License

Construction Rider

Construction projects in an around 70 Amherst may affect residents. Learn more about anticipated impacts of nearby construction.

Pet Policy

Pets are prohibited in any undergraduate or graduate residence unless specifically noted. Please read the full pet policy for more information.